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Hello there :) It is not about blogging, not just about writing, not about telling my story to you. But its about my feel. I'm girl like generally. Extra-Ordinary girl,who want everything what I wanted in the world. Many interests things make me inspired in the world. Its reason I'll tell my feelling to you. I hope you enjoy with my portal diary QUEEN of ISLAND ♥. Thankyou for visit :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Biggest Decision

I had changed my blog from BOUTIQUE CANTIQUE into 


What a beautiful blog's name! isn't it?

The name of QUEEN of ISLAND was original idea from my beloved father "papa Boy", right.
Thank you very much pa :D
And I had changed my header too.

My new header was very beautiful like a my new blog's name too.

That's all.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Every Woman is Kartini

 Cilacap, May 2, 2012.

Happy Kartini Days Everybody!
Waw, it's amazing if we could remember how the spirit and fighting of Raden Ajeng Kartini.
She's a charismatic woman in indonesia. 
She's spirit and she's fighting is so wonderful.
Because without her, may be the gender of female can't voice their opinions.
Thank You very much Mrs. Kartini :)

And at my school, there are a "Kakang Bagus and Mbak Ayu" contest.
Me and Ryan my friend, we were elected representatives of our class (INSAVE = Incredible Science Five).
So here it is some photos of the day:

Unforgotable moment with INSAVE

Si Nyai

Hello, hello hello :)
This was my result of examination in dancing class. Cilacap on May 20, 2012.
You know, about my makeup theme?
Are you COURIOUS???
Here it is,

*Proudly Present*

And that's all about my makeup also my model
Actually I want makeup her like a Srikandi the woman hero from Java
but she look like a Nyi Roro Kidul,
so I gave "SI NYAI" as tittle of my makeup exam 

And the below, these are some photos from the other model of my friends.
Lets see!

Lisa Pandini a model of Yesinta
Annisa Uswatun a model of Nastiti NK


My Artist   : Arum Dwiangkatri
Camera      : Fibriani E. P. Dewa
Taken By   : Alvina Rista Yowantri (Me)
Makeup     : Me
Fashion      : Me
Stylist         : Me

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