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Hello there :) It is not about blogging, not just about writing, not about telling my story to you. But its about my feel. I'm girl like generally. Extra-Ordinary girl,who want everything what I wanted in the world. Many interests things make me inspired in the world. Its reason I'll tell my feelling to you. I hope you enjoy with my portal diary QUEEN of ISLAND ♥. Thankyou for visit :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Luxury

Hello, long time no post from me.
But, today I post some of my artwork during wait breakfasting.
Yup, I take a picture of my face.
Did you know? Why I do love take a picture of my face?
Because, I can see sharp line at my face :)

What do you know about BLACK?

Black is wonderful. Like a my hair.

Black is the sweetest one.

Black is not overbright.

Sightfull of black eyes.

because BLACK is Luxury

Photographer : WebCam
Artist               : Alvina Rista Yowantri "me"
Editor              : Alvina Rista Yowantri "me"
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