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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Funny Poetry

Long time no posting from me.

I'm sorry, because last week I was so busy with my  Smester II Middle Test at school.
So, today I'll tell my friend's 'poetry' (in English) or PUISI (in Indonesian).
Actually, I don't know. That is the real poetry or not.
So that we can declare that's poetry or not we must read :)

Lets read guys !


Kupandangi wajahnya
Kupandangi senyumnya yang menurutku manis
Tapi agak sedikit dibuat-buat

Kecantikannya seolah memudar
Ketika ia mengetahui mataku
Tertuju padanya

Seberapa hina diriku??
Apakah air jernih yang kubawa tidak mampu
Memadamkan api dalam dirinya?

Mengapa setiap gerak tubuhku selalu salah dimatanya?


Okay, that is poetry created by my friend for someone. Hmm, i think that poetry is so funny, look "Besok Aku Tanya Anaknya Saja" that is not poetry language LOL
Success for you Zain and please give comments for Zain :)
Thankyou friends.
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