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Thursday, March 15, 2012


I'm Falling in love with...


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Symphonic of SMAN1C

Hello there :)

Today is weekend, and I had invited by my friends to come in Symphonic 2012.
This is the best music shows from students of music class, grade 11 at SMA Negeri 1 Cilacap.
Well, you must know I'm not a student of music but I'm a student of dancing class.
This show is very attractive and wonderful.

I make up my friends who will show their performance on stage. Wow it is my first experience. :)
I'm not alone, there are Irma, Marita, Nurul, Afi and so on. We are very enjoy today.
You are the best, good shows ever!

And It is SMANIC presents:


 Blink blink eyes shadows.
Make up times.
(Left to Right) Irma, Vivin , Dameria, and Renita E.
(Left to right) Afi, Irma and Me.
Photographer: Marita L D S
Remember cheetaah dancing  when I saw the stage (Cry out loudly) :'(
My outfits:
Insave Shirt
Cheaper Monday Jeans
Exsport Bag
Unbranded Glasses
White Holes Shoes

Photo taken by: Marita Lutfiana D. S
Camera: Renita Elisabeth S
Photo Editor: Me (Alvina Rista Yowantri)
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